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Viable pediatric practices are critical to the health and future of our communities, yet many current medical organizations treat pediatrics as an afterthought. Kids and Teens Medical Group (KTMG) is built specifically to change the status-quo, bringing pediatricians the respect, stability and success worthy of the keepers of society’s healthy future.


KTMG has a proven, successful history of providing quality, compassionate healthcare in multiple locations to children and teens in Los Angeles County. Thanks to the caring warmth of our dedicated staff and our higher standards of service and care, KTMG is the stable medical home of choice to a growing population.


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KTMG’s proven care and management foundation is tailored specifically for enterprising pediatricians. Our group is built and run by pediatricians, for pediatricians. Because our expertise and interests are so closely intertwined with our partner physicians’ interests, our entire business model is built around your success as a pediatrician.

By aligning with KTMG, independent physicians can reap the benefits of our successful healthcare infrastructure, enjoying stability and success without becoming a cog in a massive institution. We respect our physician partners and recognize your critical contributions to our mutual success.

Our Difference

If you have ever thought of merging, transitioning or selling your practice, KTMG will be your ideal partner. Ultimately, our professional management offers you expertise, resources and support that make care and administration more efficient to help you work smarter, not harder. With us, physicians can get back to the reason they started practicing medicine to begin with—to nurture healthier, happier patients.

A clear retirement/succession pathway ensures you and your patients are well cared for after your retirement.
When you transition to KTMG, we’ll keep your practice where it is so you can continue treating your patients in the neighborhoods they know and love.
Strong hospital and health plan relationships help you to grow your patient panel.
Relationships with community obstetricians ensures new babies come to your practice.
Our provided EMR platform ties all offices together.
Our flexible work schedules include full- and part-time.
Our efficient billing and collection practices result in decreased denials and steady accounts receivables.
We know how to navigate increasingly complex quality metrics to maximize bonus opportunities for our pediatricians
We accept all major insurances including PPO, Medi-Cal and CHPD, and treat all patients with care and respect, helping you retain patients no matter how their insurance or circumstances may change.
Our locations cover most of Los Angeles and nearby areas, providing quality, compassionate urgent care access to your patients and vacation coverage for our doctors.
Our proven processes and practice management resources can help you work smarter, to reduce overwork and get back to focusing in patient care, not paperwork
Imagine the Possibilities

Can you picture the security and peace of mind that comes from alignment with a stable, supportive partner that doesn’t require you to sacrifice input and respect? Imagine gaining freedom from the pressures of maintaining your own practice or meeting institutional quotas and focusing instead on helping and healing.

Physician Opportunities include:

  • Practice acquisition/merger and employment
  • Practice acquisition/merger and retirement transition
  • Practice management
  • Pediatric IPA Contracting

Many practices choose an acquisition/merger with employment option to quickly realize the most benefit. However, you may choose join KTMG at a less-engaged level and either remain there or later move into full alignment. No matter your preference, we look forward to discussing your healthy future with us.

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Aligning with KTMG can help build a brighter future for yourself and your patients. Let us help you to earn more and keep more of what you earn, gain precious time to focus on what’s important to you, and enjoy the feeling of holding a stable, respected place in the healthcare community.


Call us at 818-361-5437 or submit the form below to begin a confidential conversation about your future success.